Keep Your Sewer Lines Clear in Pittsburg, Antioch & Concord, CA

Ask about a trenchless sewer line installation

If your sewer line needs to replaced, you are most likely picturing a long and expensive repair job. However, the team at First Class Water Heaters, Inc. has a more efficient and less intrusive way of repairing the line. It's called trenchless sewer line installation. This new method allows for the replacement of the pipe without digging up your yard.

Find out if your damaged pipe can be fixed with this new method of sewer line replacement in Pittsburg, Antioch or Concord, CA.

Save your landscaping with this trendy tool

The trenchless sewer line installation involves just a few relatively simple steps. First, a camera is passed into the pipe to examine the interior. Once we locate the damage, two holes are dug on either end of the damage. The damaged pipe section is pulled out, and a new line is installed in its place. This method saves your landscaping and concrete from destruction. Our team is also c42 licensed, so we can handle issues that extend into the street, if necessary.

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